Bengals 13-27 Steelers

Well, what a week for the NFL. My beloved Bengals fall to the Steelers. Then the Cowboys get dicked by the referees who were playing for the Seahawks. The Eagles, looking weaker than most American beers, sneak a lucky win past the Chargers. Poor Favre sees yet another game go bye-bye. The Browns went up, then crapped out.

At least the Colts won. Which means that not only are the Texans still the only winless team, the Colts are still the only unbeaten team.

5-2-0 isn't a bad record by any stretch (unless one happens to be in Indianapolis when one says so), but when you think that Cincinnati have yet to beat a team with a winning record, it's not so impressive. But then, Pittsburgh are the only team so far that they've played that's had a winning record, so maybe it's not so bad after all. Or not.

Well, it's not like I expected much more.

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