Colts vs Texans

So, the Colts go face the Texans next week. I have two thoughts on this:

First, a new drinking game; Every time someone connected with the broadcast, be they presenter or commentator, uses the phrases "the undefeated Colts" and "the winless Texans" in the same sentence, you have to drink your beer. On second thought, best not to. You'd be dead of alcohol poisoning by the time the game started.

My second thought is on what we call "The Kiss Of Death" or, as my wife calls it, jinxing. So, with that in mind, how much will the Texans stomp the Colts by next week? 20? 30? 40 pts? Will the Colts even score? Surely, with this much of a jinx on them, this'll be the first time a 6-0 team has ever been shut out by an 0-5 team.

(I just googled that. It seems to have never happened before)

Ah well, six days to wait and we'll find out...

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