Inspection halts Big Ben's chimes

Oh no! Big Ben's not gonna be ringing for part of this weekend!

The massive bell (yes, the bell's called Big Ben, not the clock) will be silenced, along with all of his smaller brethren, while vital inspection work is carried out. The clock will stop after 8am BST saturday morning, and stay silent until around 4pm GMT sunday afternoon. This also means Ben will miss out on sounding 2am twice this year (once for BST, once for GMT, after the clocks go back).

Shame, many a drunk Londoner will be unable to use the excuse "well, Ben just sounded two, love".

BBC NEWS | UK | England | London | Inspection halts Big Ben's chimes

Correction dated 30/10/05 0244;

BST ends at 2am, so the clock goes 0158, 0159, 0100, 0101, thus Big Ben would be required to ring in 1am twice, not 2am.

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