There Is No God (And You Know It)

I wanted to link to this outstanding article by Sam Harris, titled as above.

Almost as entertaining is reading the comments at the bottom of the article. Especially the Christian (y'know, love thy neighbour and all that) who signs as "you are a bonehead" and the unadulterated crap written several times by the poster calling him (or her) self "JohnBryansFontaine".

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John Bryans Fontaine said...

To have an atheist call my ranting 'unadulterated crap' is the greatest compliment you could pay me.

I am a Liberal who believes in the existence of God. And also, that there is more Good than Bad in Human Nature.

I call myself:

John Bryans Fontaine

because that's my full name, and as with all people named 'John', I'm a guy.