More news on Iraq constitution vote

Further to this story about the big constitution vote in Iraq, I have to correct myself and thank Draco over at AP for pointing out that the Shia reversed themselves, and changed the 2/3 vote requirements from all registered voters back to all votes.

So, a little victory for democracy there, and a slightly easier job for the Sunnis.

However, the Beeb is relating how electoral observers think there may have been some voter fraud:

Iraq vote counts 'point to fraud'

Iraq's independent electoral commission says statistical irregularities in last week's referendum could indicate fraud.

Chief electoral officer Adel Alami did not give details, but he said many provinces' figures were either too high or too low by international standards.

A source told the BBC both the turnout and result levels were of concern.

The electoral commission said on Monday it was re-examining the ballots and that final results from the referendum would be delayed by several days.

Earlier, United Nations election officials in Iraq said the vote had gone well, but some Sunni Arab politicians have alleged corrupt practices were allowed to boost the "yes" vote.

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