Wallace and Gromit in The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit

We went and saw the latest offering from Aardman Features today, and I have to say, it's yet another triumph. Sure, a few of the jokes won't register with an American audience, but the appeal is certainly broad enough to come across.

The story is straightforward. Wacky inventor and cheese-obsessive Wallace, and his long-suffering silent canine companion Gromit, are in the security business. Vegetable security. Vegetable Security can be a dangerous proposition in a town where the upcoming Giant Vegetable Competition is jeopardised by the appearance of a rampaging Were-Rabbit.

Wallace is batty as ever. Gromit manages to convey pages of dialogue with only his eyes. Supporting characters are hilarious. The C-of-E vicar, Lady "Totty*" Tottington, and the evil Victor Quartermaine - among others - play second fiddle to our heroes, but are no less endearing for that.

Scene of the movie: Watch for Gromit's reaction when he sees the Were-Rabbit "change" from inside the Anti-Pesto van. Classic.

*hint for Americans: The term "totty" is British slang for "very attractive woman who is, in all likelihood, not particularly intelligent".

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