"Courageous" vote in Iraq.

Here's an interesting story from Iraq:

The US has praised Iraqis for turning out in large numbers to vote in a referendum on a new constitution.

The people of Iraq "demonstrated their courageous commitment to a free and democratic future," said an official.

Preliminary estimates say that about 10 million people - roughly 65% of voters - have cast their ballot, but results are not expected for several days.

But, wait a minute. Remember this?

The Shia dominated government in Iraq changed the rules not long ago, meaning it would take two-thirds of all registered voters to defeat the constitution, instead of the previously held two-thirds of actual votes. So, two-thirds is 66.66(recurring) %. 65% voted. Even if every single vote was "no", the constitution passes.

Nice work.

Okay, so that's not quite how it works. Three areas of Iraq need to register a more than two-thirds "no" vote to get it vetoed, but this just shows how hard it will be.

The story states "Official estimates suggest that in seven provinces more than two-thirds of voters did participate - including three where the majority of voters are Sunnis."

So it's still going to be impossible.

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