Congestion charge to be rolled out nationwide

Now, see, I would be more in favour of this if I thought, for even one second, that this charging would replace paying for roads through taxes and that taxes woul be reduced accordingly.

But it and they won't. Taxes will remain as they are and this is just another way for the government to fleece even more money out of the citizenry.

Congestion charge to be rolled out nationwide:

"CONGESTION charging is to be extended to towns and cities across England under government plans for a fundamental change in the way drivers pay for using the roads.

Local authorities in seven areas were yesterday awarded �7 million to develop a model charging scheme that will be rolled out over the entire road network in the next 10-15 years.

The authorities will study new technology that can target motorists who travel at the busiest times, charging them up to
£1.34 a mile. "

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