NFL roundup

The Bengals are on a bye (that means they get a week off) so no change to the 7-2-0 this week. Great to see the Colts win, still the only undefeated team in the NFL at 9-0-0. The Bears put up a good show - in really bad orange shirts - for the win, the Packers added another win, going 2-7-0, and the Steelers gave the Browns what is known over here as a "whuppin'".

Tomorrow brings the Cowboys against the Eagles - division rivalry and all that - and poor Philly without T.O. and his mouth. Cowboys dominated last time, so we should have a fight on our hands.

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rfitz17 said...

The Boys are looking good for a win tonight! Eagles are struggling on and off the field and McNabb can't hit a bus. If any of you are gamblers tonights a lock for the Cowboys. Have any of you heard of www.statshark.com ? They have a free prediction on tonights game from their sports forecasting machine. The thing is great. I went 8-1 this sunday!