Life's full of these little disappointments

One if the major drawbacks of being an atheist is that we lack the smugness of other religious positions.

See, if one is a Christian, one can observe other religious positions with a feeling that, come death, they will find out the folly of their ways. When they find themselves face to face with God, being judged, they will realise their mistake. And the same can be said for other religions, whether one believes in Allah's divine judgment, or in the grace of Yaweh, or in the inevitability of another turn on the wheel of life.

But atheists have no such position to look forward to. After all, when you die, you die. There's no "you" left to realise that you were wrong. It's over, done, finito.

The Christian that dies, in the "sure and certain hope of resurrection" (and it doesn't take a genius to see the contradiction in that quote), will never see their error, because there is no "they" to see it.

Just random meanderings from an atheist who likes to look on the ironic side of life a little too much.

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Notorious Apostate said...

Doombreed, you got all that arseways about. We get to be smug now while the theists wait to be smug in the hereafter that never happens. Go on, sit down, think about the sods wasting their Sunday sitting in church and go ahead and do it, feel smug!