Robertson opens mouth again

Pat Robertson, founder and host of TV's most prominent religious nonsense show, The 700 Club, self-styled mouthpiece of God, all-round annoyance to anyone with a brain, and source of such brilliantly Christian rants as "we should assassinate Hugo Chavez", "9/11 was caused by gays and feminists", "Judges appointed by the Democrat Party are a greater threat to America than Al-Qaeda", and "people who live in Dover, PA, are damned to hell for upholding the Constitution", as well as such wonderful examples of pure, solid, logical thinking as "Hurricane Katrina was caused by abortions" and "Atheism is a religion" has opened his mouth again, and it's all true to form.

God gave Ariel Sharon a stroke as punishment.

Okay, it sounds like the tagline of a bizarre BDSM movie, but, yes, Pat believes Sharon got laid low by that ole time wrath of God.

Pat Robertson is living, breating, bullshitting proof that there is no God.

As Calvin said; "I find it hard to believe in God when some people haven't been struck by lightning."

In this hellbound Atheist's opinion, anyway...

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