Nancyboys and Fairies League

So, I watched both of the championship games today. The AFC Steelers-Broncos was first, then the NFC Seahawks-Panthers.

Considering that both games were supposed to represent the two best teams in their respective conferences, both games were - well - boring. In both games it almost seemed like the losing team didn't care and the winning team were just walking all over them.

Still, we'll see how the Seahawks do - without their "12th man" (the Seattle home crowd bellowing so loud that the visiting team can't hear the plays being called) - when they travel to Detroit in two weeks time to take on the mighty steamroller that is the Steelers in the superbowl. Because it's a road game for both teams, the Seahawks' "12th man" won't be in dominance and the crowd will be pretty much 50/50 Seahawks/Steelers.

Y'know, I've only been watching this game for a few years, but even I can remember when home teams used to get penalised if their fans were so noisy that the visitors couldn't hear the play calling or the audible pre-snap counts, especially if the home team were encouraging them. Now Seattle even has a #12 flag that they raise in honour of their fans doing precisely that.

Maybe we'll see if Seattle really deserves to be there.

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