"Prove Christ Existed"

Oh, now this should be good. An Italian court has ordered that a priest appear to prove that Christ existed.

Theists have long argued that there is ample evidence that Christ - or, at least, some form of god - exists, and that it would be a simple matter to prove such to the satisfaction of a court of law. This is, of course, bull, but it doesn't stop the claim.

Once you dismiss the entire bible as inadmissible hearsay, with the caveat that it was, for over a thousand years, in the sole keeping of an organisation with a vested interest in promoting it as truth, you're left with non-biblical sources.

Namely; Josephus - the Jewish historian whose writings we have three versions of: the one that comes to us via the Vatican which calls Christ "a doer of wonderful works", the one that comes to us via the Jewish church which doesn't mention Christ at all, and the one that comes to us via archaeology, written in Arabic, which describes Christ as a "charlatan"; and Tacticus - the Roman historian who mentions "Christus", but fails to even mention - even to debunk - any rumour of any hint of any belief concerning any supernaturalism about the man.

Add zero archaeological evidence of the man himself - and even the Vatican admits that the Turin Shroud is a fake - nor any other records, and you've really got a lost cause.

Still, it'll be interesting to see how this one plays out.

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