Yeah, you're scum

Apparently two students got drunk one night and decided to wrap up a hamster in an envelope and send it through the post.

Yeah, it's illegal, but it's also cruel.

Students. That means they go to college. Cambridge University, in fact. Shit, never has the term "educated idiot" seemed so appropriate. The Beeb article neglects to mention what subject the pair of morons are studying, but it's a sad statement of our education system that one of the top Universities in the country boasts idiots like this in the classes.

The hamster, named "First Class" by the post office, is okay and was discovered by the postie who emptied the pillar box. First Class had chewed her way out of the envelope she'd been sealed in, and had the postie not spotted her, would have died in the sorting machine.

Yeah, you're scum. Check out the pictures. Fuckin' Hooray Henries.

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