Bengals 13 - 38 Patriots

The Bengals fell today to the New England fuckin' Patriots.

My biggest problem with the Patriots - apart from the fact that they just handed the Bengals a defeat - is that they are one of those teams that, shall we say, plays on the edge of the rules. Watching the Patriots play is almost like watching Argentina play.

What pisses me off is that unlike, say, the Eagles, who are known as another of those "slightly less than sportsmanlike" teams, the Patriots are lauded for their style instead of lambasted.

Still, they're not that good. What really hurt the Bengals was piss-poor defence combined with piss-poor offence.

Early on, the Bengals had the Patriots mostly contained, and then it fell apart. Early on, the Bengals were doing very well, and then it fell apart. The Bengals were playing the way they used to when the NFL knew them as "The Bungles".

Shoddy performance, made worse by the commentators' gushing.

Bye week next week, and then it's on to Tampa for the Buccaneers.


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