Nancyboys and Fairies League

Well, Bengals are on a bye this week, so I watched some other games.

We saw Indianapolis barely snatching victory from the jaws of defeat against the Titans, a game that was littered with way too many "the underdog Titans at the undefeated Colts" lines for me.

We then watched Dallas, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory at Philadelphia, a game that was heralded by way too much nonsense about useless T.O. and his return to the Eagles stadium. Cowboys QB Drew Bledsoe almost tied the game, and was only able to salvage a defeat by a skillful interception in the dying seconds as he was about to score.

Oh, yeah. Does Bledsoe have video footage of Bill Parcells having sex with goats or something? Maybe evidence of mob connections? How about financial records showing that Parcells hasn't paid tax in the last fifty years?

There has to be some reason why Bledsoe keeps on starting for the Cowboys, despite being, quite simply, as talented a quarterback as my left buttock, and blackmail is the only thing I can think of.

The Bears game wasn't shown, which is a shame because there's nothing funnier than a 40-0 beatdown except, maybe, a 40-0 beatdown where the beatees are allowed a single pity touchdown in the dying minutes of the game.

And now we're watching the Steelers getting a mild beating at the hands of the Chargers who, inexplicably, are playing in This Planet's Most Ridiculous Uniforms.

13-20 with 7 mins 15 secs left to play.

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