Forge World

Browsing through Games Workshop's Forge World site is an exercise in self control, or, for those of us with no money, an exercise in futile dreaming. Here are the best of the best in models, with prices to match.

New in, for example, are the Death Korps Of Kreig heavy weapons platforms. And beautiful they are, too. As are the Tallarn heavy weapons platforms. And the Elysian Drop Troops are, at least, moderately yummy.

New vehicles abound, like the Arvus Lighter, which is nice in a quirky way, and the Aquila Lander, which is the same. Not quite on the level of my personal favourite in the flyer category, the Thunderbolt, but still worthy contenders.

But, of course, the model to drool over is definitely the Bloodthirster (all 9.5 inches and £125.00 of him).

Aaaannd.. then there's the Thunderhawk Transport which, at £395.00, is probably the most expensive model GW have ever produced.

Now, where are those bloody lottery tickets..?

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