No Star Trek Jokes In Headlines, Please

CNN reports on a breakthrough made by scientists in Denmark who have performed teleportation experiments involving more than just an atom.

Okay, so don't get excited, it's only over half a meter and, although the term "a macroscopic atomic object containing thousands of billions of atoms" sounds big, it's way, way, way short of being able to - sigh - "beam me up". In fact, the experiment has far more potential for communications than for personal travel.

And if you're a little more fluent in physics, you can check out Scientific American's slightly-more-highbrow report on the experiment.

But further proof, if such were needed, that we're really headed deep into the 21st century comes in the form of Romulan cloaking devices.

Sort of.

Can personal jetpacks, hover cars, meals in pills, and Bacofoil suits really be that far behind?

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