The Madden Curse

Snopes has a fascinating and long-running story concerning the video game Madden NFL and its many incarnations. Apparently, there's a "curse" assosciated with the game, in that any player who appears on the cover will end up having a very bad season indeed.

2001 was Eddie George, who had his worst career season that year.

2002 was Daunte Culpepper, who went out with a knee injury.

2003 was Marshall Faulk, who with an injured ankle had his worst season for four years.

2004 was Michael Vick, who fractured his tibia on the day the game was released.

2005 was Ray Lewis, who had a terrible season and had to sit out the last game because he was injured.

2006 was Donovan McNabb, who had a "sports hernia" and was eventually (and painfully) retired for the season by the Cowboys.

2007 is Shaun Alexander.

Who just broke his foot.

I'm not superstitious, but if I were a football player, I would stay the hell away from John Madden.

And Campbell's soup.

And Sports Illustrated.

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