SG-1 R.I.P

I was halfway through writing a review of the milestone 200th episode of Stargate SG-1, entitled, appropriately, "200", when I discovered some news.

Disturbing news.

SG-1 has been cancelled. The Sci-Fi Channel will not be buying any more episodes.

Gateworld, long viewed as the authority on everything under Cheyenne Mountain, confirms the news that, whilst Stargate: Atlantis has been renewed for another season, its older brother has not.

Still, when SG-1 first took off, it was being shown on Showtime and, after five years, they dropped it and Sci-Fi picked it up. This may not be the end of all things SG-1.

MGM owns the rights to SG-1, so there's rumours of a new direction - mini-series, TV movie, or another film - going on.

Still, it's got to feel bad for Ben Browder and Claudia Black who, with Farscape, now have the kiss of death on two shows.

This sounds like one of the worst decisions since Showtime decided to give up - er - SG-1.

Of course, with Dean Devlin getting a deal with MGM to produce the two Stargate sequels he wanted to do in the first place, which will ignore the SG-1 series completely, and carry on as if the last ten years never happened, it's almost enough to make a conspiracy theorist go "hmmm.."

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