Ever Felt That Dumb?

This morning, before leaving for work, I perused my "library" for a book to read. I think I've mentioned on here before how I have a book for work and a book for home. This moment's home book is The Bourne Supremacy, purely because I'd just read The Bourne Identity and will, no doubt, be continuing on to The Bourne Ultimatum next. Workwise, I'd just finished Deathwing*, so I needed some more reading material.

I ran my eye along my modest collection of Games Workshop books. Farseer? Nah. Storm Of Iron? Maybe next. Into The Maelstrom? Hmm.. I remember reading that and not liking a few of the stories, but I could always skip those and read the good ones. I almost didn't. I almost went back to Storm Of Iron.

But off I toddled to work, Into The Maelstrom tucked into my pocket. First break rolls around and outside I go. The first story, Salvation by Jonathan Green, is very good. But I don't remember it. Next came Into The Maelstrom by Chris Pramas. Also very good. Again, I don't remember it. After that, and by now I'm back outside for my lunch, I read Emperor's Grace by Alex Hammond. Not quite so good, but also unknown. Then I hit The Raven's Claw by Jonathan Curran. Now I know I've never read this one before. I would definitely have remembered this one. As I cross over into Children Of The Emperor by Barrington J. Bailey, I find, hiding between the pages like some anorexic bookmark, the original receipt from when I bought the book.

That's right. For two years this book has been sitting on my bookcase, me thinking that it was "okay" and "not the best", and I had never even read it. Ever.


*And not the crappy new Deathwing either. This is the old version, where Grimm's still a Squat and compacks aren't called "vox casters".

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