News From The Land Of The Bizarre

Not much time to blog tonight, because I've been making a hot rod with a chainsaw again.

One day left 'till paint day.

And, for your dining and dancing pleasure (not to mention, so that you don't feel completely cheated) here is more News From The Land Of The Bizarre:

An Oklahoman woman calls the cops to buy drugs, a Californian guy breaks into a woman's house and then falls asleep, butt nekkid, on the couch, a Wisconsin resident chops off his electronic "house arrest" ankle bracelet so he could go appear on The Jerry Springer Show, a city in Maryland finally gets around to fixing a twenty-year old sign that directs visitors to the "Municple Stadium", a 19-year old Iowan tries to bribe his way out of an underage drinking charge* with seventeen dollars, and in Arizona, a dude accidentally sets fire to his meth lab, and then pops down to Walmart to buy a fire extinguisher, little realising that the fire brigade just might be there by the time he gets back.

Legal Alien: all the news that's fit to laugh at.

*it's 21 here, not 18 like back home.

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