New Dark Angels

I've been a fan of Games Workshop since I was very young. I kid you not, it's been about twenty years or so. But every so often GW does something that, well, pisses me off.

Squats. Don't get me started.

But now GW has done something weird.

The new Dark Angels. Okay, I don't have a problem with much of the range. The new DA Company Master model is awesome. Like the Blood Angels character Captain Tycho, it's based off of the original four Space Marine captain models (DA, SW, BA, and UM) , and the change is a big improvement. The new Master of the Ravenwing is just droolworthy. No, it's the Deathwing that I have a problem with.

For those not up with the history, this unit gets its name and its colours from a very old story called, appropriately, Deathwing by Bryan Ansell and William King. The story is about a group of Dark Angel 1st company terminators who return to their homeworld to find it overrun with genestealers. They resolve to rid the planet of the invaders and, knowing that their small squad would most likely perish in the attempt, complete the rite of deathwing. The ancient rite involves wearing white warpaint and basically considering yourself dead already, so the terminator suits are painted white and off they go. The background is that, in honour of this brave group the DA 1st company was renamed "The Deathwing" and their terminator suits were all painted white.

"He looked at Weasel-Fierce. The gaunt man had finished painting out all the icons on his armour. It was now white, the colour of death, except on its left shoulder, where the skull had been left unchanged. It seemed somehow appropriate."


Yep. White.

Not, I repeat, not the colour of rancid butter, Games Workshop.

"For the bone-colored Deathwing armor, start out with an undercoat of Skull White Spray Paint. Then, basecoat the model with Graveyard Earth. Once the Graveyard Earth is dry, wash the model with some watered-down Brown Ink and make sure the wash gets in all the crevices."

Deathwing wear white, not "bone".


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