Pizza, Subs and Physical Impossibilites - Delivered To Your Door

Whilst waiting for a pizza recently, I noticed that our local Domino's has a sign on their oven. The sign reads something like "GREAT PIZZA IS A MATTER OF DEGREES" and then has the warning "CAUTION: OVEN +/- 500 DEGREES."

Now, I know what it's supposed to mean. It's supposed to mean that the oven is to within a few degrees either way of 500 ℉.

However, the way it's worded actually means that the ovens could either be 500 ℉ or -500 ℉.

And seeing as absolute zero is -459.67 ℉ (or -273.15 ℃), Domino's pizza ovens appear to violate the laws of physics.

It's a good job Scotty doesn't work there..

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