Legion Of The Damned

Whilst I was rooting through a second-hand bookstore a while back, I found a copy of a book by William C. Dietz, called Legion Of The Damned.

Now, for some time, I had been hearing rumours that Games Workshop were planning to release a novel concerning the Legion Of The Damned, which would answer some of the many questions concerning that mysterious band of undead Space Marines, so I grabbed it.

Of course, I didn't check the cover too closely. If I had, I would have noticed that the GW logo appears absolutely nowhere.

Anyway, I eventually got around to reading it and.. well, it took me about three lines to realise something was amiss. I closed the book and looked at the cover. Legion Of The Damned. "Across a thousand years, across a thousand stars, they stand alone..."

Sounds good. Flip the book over. Read the back.

"When all hope is lost-for the terminally ill, for the condemned criminal, for the victim who cannot be saved-there comes one final choice.

You can choose life-as a cyborg soldier in the Legion.

Both more and less than human, these steel warriors with determined human minds are the most elite fighting force in the Empire.

The are fearsome-and expendable. They are the...

Legion Of The Damned

...God help them."

Disheartened, I put the book down and reached for another.

Some time later, I picked up another book that looked promising. Steelheart. After reading it I decided to look into what else the author had written, because it was a very enjoyable story.

Guess what?

Steelheart was written by none other than William C. Dietz.

Cautiously, I returned to Legion Of The Damned and picked it up..

..And didn't put it down until it was finished.

Legion Of The Damned is a fantastic book. It's actually better than I was expecting when I thought it was a Warhammer 40,000 novel.

So now I'm looking out for The Final Battle, By Blood Alone, By Force Of Arms, More Than Glory, For Those Who Fell, and When All Seems Lost, which continue the story started in Legion Of The Damned.

Yes, picking up that book may well turn out to be an expensive mistake.

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