SpongeBob's Kidnapper In Court

For those who have been following the story of SpongeBob, the rare Bolivian monkey who was stolen from Chessington World Of Adventures in England, one Marlon Brown, 23, has been charged with the theft and is undergoing trial at Kingston Crown Court.

Unfortunately, the BBC reports, SpongeBob has been rejected by the other monkeys at Chessington and has been given a temporary home at Battersea Zoo.

And now for the "aww" factor:

Staff at Chessington have started "SpongeBob the Squirrel Monkey's Blog"(or SpongeBlog, as it's called), which allows him (ahem) to update interested parties with his progress.

"Hi, my name is SpongeBob the Squirrel Monkey. I used to live in the Zoo at Chessington World of Adventures and you may have heard about me as I am the little fella who was stolen from the Zoo on the 17 July. Someone broke in and took me away from my friends and my home - can you believe it?

Although they managed to find me again and I came back to Chessington, I have now had to move to another Zoo as the other monkeys didn't want me back with them! It's been a bit of an adventure, so I thought I'd tell you about it all in my SpongeBlog. Check back often to learn about all my experiences and how I am settling in in Battersea Park Zoo."

Keep us updated, little fella.

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