Zodiac is about a serial killer that most people outside of the US would only have heard of because of one of the Dirty Harry movies.

Zodiac was active in California in the late sixties and early seventies. He took delight in sending notes and encrypted messages to the press and, most unusual for a serial killer, was never caught.

I don't know how accurate the movie is, seeing as it is based around some speculation, but it is very much worth watching.

Jake Gyllenhaal plays Robert Graysmith, a cartoonist at a San Francisco newspaper. The movie is less about the actual Zodiac murders and more about Graysmith's obsession with them. In real life, Graysmith authored what is considered to be the definitive book on the Zodiac murders and, many believe, has correctly identified the killer.

The movie is deep without being unwieldy, fast paced without being mindless, gripping without being cliche, true-to-life without being kitchy.

I loved it. 3 hours went by and I only noticed when I stood up to leave and almost couldn't walk.
Doombreed rating: * * * * 1/2

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