Blair gave Murdoch 'veto' over EU, says PM's ex-aide

Okay, this is plain messed up. Why is Blair bending over backwards to slime his way up Rupert Murdoch's butt?

I understand that Murdoch is a political force around the globe, being the head of the world's biggest media empire, but consulting an unelected figure over our country's policies - especially one who has shown through his broadcasting that he doesn't give a hoot about what's right, just what's right for him - is low even for the grinning twat in No 10.

Sadly, Blair is the PM. Even sadder is the fact that he can run again at the next general election. Sadder still is the fact that some people will still vote for him.

Independent Online Edition > UK Politics : app1:

"Tony Blair promised Rupert Murdoch that he would be consulted on any change to Britain's policy towards Europe, according to a diary kept by a former Downing Street press officer.

But the original entry in The Spin Doctor's Diary was toned down on the orders of the Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus McDonald. The original entry, published in today's Mail on Sunday, described the atmosphere in No 10 as 'very edgy' after pro-euro comments by the then Secretary of State for Trade, Peter Mandelson 'because we have promised News International we won't make any changes to our Europe policy without talking to them.'

The idea that an Australian-born newspaper magnate should have a veto over Britain's relations with Europe will infuriate Labour supporters. The version that will appear in the diary, to be published by Hodder this month, will read: 'apparently, News International are under the impression we won't make any changes without asking them.'"

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