Evolution is NOT a theory (part 2)

Maybe I've been in the states too long, but something struck me as odd when I read an article from Auntie Beeb about the cracking of the chimp genome.

It contains phrases like:

Scientists have deciphered another book in the library of life - the genetic recipe of our closest living relative, the chimpanzee.


Buried within the 3 billion DNA "letters" are the changes that put our ancestors on the pathway to humanity.

Not to mention:

It is more than a century since Charles Darwin recognised that humans and chimps are related. A wealth of evidence has emerged since then, including the discovery of the first known chimpanzee fossil revealed this week.

Researchers hope the comparison of the chimp and human genomes will shed light on the past six million years or so of evolution, since the two species diverged from an apelike common ancestor.

It took me a while to figure out what was nagging at me. Then, it hit me. There's no "it's believed" or "some people think". There's no "opposing theory", no "creationists disagree", no theistic propoganda.

There's just evolution, presented as proven, accepted, genuine fact.


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