More on the Basra story

Conspiracy theorists around the globe are already trying to spin the situation in Basra to meet their own ends.

The two soldiers - now SAS beyond any doubt - were in plain clothes. No, wait, they were dressed in Arabic clothing. No, wait, they were disguised as Arabs.

They were in an unmarked car. No, wait, they were in an unmarked car armed with sniper rifles. And.. and.. had just assassinated police officers. No, wait, they had explosives and were setting up bombs that the coalition were going to blame on insurgents!

In fact.. yeah.. there never was any insurgency. The whole thing was British Black Ops trying to maintain support for the war.

That's why they were broken out, so the story would remain secure.

Yeah, okay, reality calling here.

The reason the two guys were busted out was because the Iraqi police, contrary to their agreement with the British Command, had handed them over to Shia militia, most of which are suspected of sympathising with, if not actually being members of, the "insurgency".

Y'know, I have been, and remain, against the invasion and occupation of Iraq. I believe it was a manufactured war waged for faked reasons, but when people go making up hysterical claptrap it only serves to hurt the anti-war movement. Every silly conspiracy theory loses credibility.

Yeah, indulge your paranoid fantasies, just don't expect the rest of us to take you seriously.

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