Justice William Rehnquist

It's never a good thing when a human dies, especially after a bout with cancer, so I just wish I could be confident that the media circus that's about to errupt, after the death of Chief Justice Rehnquist, will allow for any modicum of respect for the guy or his family.

But with another post open in the Supreme Court - not to mention a promotion for one of the Justices to fill the Chief Justice seat - I just don't see that happening.

What I do see happening is the right using this as an excuse to try to stampede the confirmation of Judge Roberts through, and the left losing sight of how important this is in their panic over having two new fights looming.

Ho hum.

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Emory said...

No ho hum here mate. If you want these criminals teaching Creationism as science, repealing the civil rights advances of the 60s, guns for all, making queers illegal, returning women to "back alley" abortion.....et You havn't lived here long enough to understand the depth of these peoples ignorace.

Rehnquist.....the best he can do is have his body used to fill the levee....he didn't do a damn thing in life.