Blair tells Murdoch: 'gloating' BBC is 'full of hatred for America'

Tony Blair, it seems, has found a new ally in his fight to make the BBC into the Labour party's voice box. Blair has been a constant critic of the BBC's neutral stance, attempting to paint them, as news services in the US do with anyone who doesn't agree 100% with the President, as biased, elitist, "liberal" or unprofessional.

Well, Blair couldn't have found a better sidekick than Rupert Murdoch. He is the owner of Fox News, which already takes swipes at Auntie Beeb for not meekly following the Bush n Blair pony show without question.

Can there be any doubt that Blair is gunning for the Beeb, and will sink to any depths to achieve his aims?

Just remember, Tony, lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.

Independent Online Edition > UK Politics : app1:

"Tony Blair has told Rupert Murdoch he believes the BBC's coverage of Hurricane Katrina was 'full of hatred of America and gloating'.

In an extraordinary disclosure that will acutely embarrass Mr Blair, the world's most powerful media mogul revealed details of a private conversation that took place in New York on Thursday.

Addressing a conference of influential media figures in the United States, Mr Murdoch said the Prime Minister had told him he had been shocked at the way the BBC had handled the disaster.

'Tony Blair... told me yesterday that he was in Delhi last week and he turned on the BBC World Service to see what was happening in New Orleans, and he said it was just full of hate at America and gloating about our troubles,' the chairman and chief executive of News Corporation said."

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