Well, that lasted..

It seems that the Irish, pissed off at the world for talking about al Qaeda so much, have decided to restart their old bullshit.

Y'know what the worst part about this is? It's not even about two groups arguing over which has the better god. It's two groups arguing over who worships the same god better.

And, they both worship a god that supposedly said "Thou shalt not kill".

Sinn Fein councillor Fra McCann said the trouble could have been avoided if the Orangemen had talked to Springfield Road residents.

Bullshit. The whole point behind this parade is to cause trouble. The trouble could have been avoided if the participants had decided to not bother marching, or if the residents just decided to shrug it off and let the silly men in their silly orange sashes have their silly parade. But oh, no. Our way of worshipping is better than your way of worshipping, so we're gonna have a riot and throw shit at kids on busses.

Religion: just say no.

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