The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Warning: The following post contains spoilers.

We went and saw this film today.

Firstly, purely as a piece of entertaining fiction, the movie was so-so. Imagine an episode of Law & Order stretched to full-length movie time and you're just about there. Some mild jump-inducing moments, a few incidents of mediocre suspense and.. blah..

The movie starts with that catch-all license for hyperbole: "this movie is based on a true story", so how much is true?

There was no "Emily Rose" killed in a recent exorcism in the USA.

The film is very loosely based upon the case of
Anneliese Michel, a 24 year-old woman from Germany, who was killed in 1976.

There was no "one try" of the exorcism. The preacher concerned, one Pastor Ernst Alt, performed dozens of rituals, sometimes twice in one week, over a ten-month period.

There was no last minute reprieve for the priest either, he, and another priest involved, as well as the girl's parents, were convicted of murder and sent to jail.

And, as to the experts brought by the defence? No such thing. Every expert brought in the trial confirmed that Michel was suffering from epilepsy and her "demonic" attacks were, in fact, grand mal seizures.

Even the church eventually came to the conclusion that she wasn't possessed.

So, yeah, based on real events.

However, like the original case, this movie is likely to become a beacon for people convinced that demonic possession is real and and science refuses to admit the fact because it's too scary.

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