The Forge

The Forge is an excellent free programme used to draw up army lists for various table-top wargames. I know that several readers will be interested in this, which is why I posted it.

Ain't I nice to you?

The programme itself is pretty good, if a little confusing at first. I use it to draw up lists for my Praetorian 40k army* and I've yet to have any compatibility problems with the new IG codex.

Run, go try it**.

*the painting of my IG Praetorian army is, alas, nowhere near as speedy, remaining - after several years - mostly unpainted. It does, of course, go without saying that those items which are painted are superbly done, which is what is taking the time. And it you believe that, you'll believe anything.

**unless, of course, you're not into 40k or any other Wargame, in which case, go play with this.

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