Superbowl XL: halftime


The game hasn't even started yet and I've already heard three claims that the Superbowl is "the most watched sporting event in the world."

I dunno about you, but I'd bet bits of my anatomy that I can name, off the top of my head, three events that draw more of a viewing crowd.

The Olympics.

The Winter Olympics.

And, oh, say, the FIFA World Cup Final (which, actually is the most watched sporting event in the world, drawing, I understand, almost a billion viewers every time).


The notion that an Americans-only sporting event could be watched by more people than an international sporting event could only be stated as a fact here in America. Everyone else would just laugh.

End of 1st quarter:

Seahawks are ahead 3-0.

So far the Steelers haven't impressed.

On the advert front, Bud is kicking arse with some hilarious commercials. Burger King shouldn't have bothered, their commercial sucked.


A brilliant run by Big Ben leaves the score Steelers 7-3 Seahawks, which is nice. However, with some controversy over whether Big Ben got in the end zone, if this game comes down to 7pts or less, we'll never hear the end of it.

The ad compo hasn't changed much, Bud is still in the lead, and Diet Pepsi have come out with a new slogan, "Brown and Bubbly" which, to me, sounds like a description of a cesspit. A late entry is Sprint, with the awesome "crime deterrent" spot (to deter crime, throw your phone point blank at people's heads - you really have to see it).

See you at fulltime.

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