A lot of bull

Last night I saw the most outstanding video clip ever filmed anywhere in the world, ever, in the history of mankind, ever.

It was filmed at a bullfight in Spain. Now, I hate bullfighting. It isn't a sport. It's not fun to watch. Yeah, it's dangerous - but mainly for the bull. And it's just so enjoyable when the bull gets some payback.

Normally we would get to see the bull maybe lay a horn or a hoof on some luckless matador. Sometimes, the bull gets enough licks in to hospitalise one of his tormentors. And, yes, occasionally, someone gets killed (but any sympathy from me must be reserved for the bull, which always gets killed, and which has no choice in being there).

What happened in Spain yesterday was the ultimate in nature biting back.

An enraged bull - at this point, virtually unharmed - did what nobody thought possible - it vaulted the fence.

Oh yeah, that's right. Over a ton of extremely pissed off muscle with two great horns on the front, landed slap bang in the middle of the crowd that was baying for his blood.

Normally when you see an animal in this situation - surrounded by screaming, panicking humans - the animal starts to panic, too. Most of the injuries in this kind of situation come from the animal trying frantically to find a way out.

But not this time. This bull was pissed. He was charging around, trampling people, goring people, not making any effort to escape, just causing havoc.

Dozens of people were seriously injured. I'm not a believer in Karma, but it should be obvious that if they hadn't been there at this barbaric event, they wouldn't have been hurt, so I don't care.

The report ended with the note that the bull was later destroyed. But hey, he was going to be killed anyway, and was probably killed in a more humane way than the slow torture he was facing.

Which is why I love seeing one of these stories. I want to get a "go bull!" t-shirt, cap, and flag so I can sit on the couch and cheer for the animal.

Hell, this one was so awesome that I was tempted to leap to my feet and start a friggin' wave.

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