A rose by any other name

So, the Americans renamed sauerkraut and hamburgers ("liberty cabbage" and "liberty steaks", respectively) because of WWI. At the same time, the English renamed German Shepherd dogs ("Alsatians"). WWII brought change to the frankfurter ("hot dog") because it, too, is German. The Cold War saw the Turkish change the name of Russian salad ("American salad"). The Americans did it with french fries and french toast ("freedom fries" and freedom toast" respectively) because they were (and still are, according to that metronome of freedom, fairness, impartiality, and journalistic excellence, Fox News) pissed off at the French.

Well, now it's the Iranians' turn. Pissed off at Danish cartoonists drawing pictures of Mohammed, which is, according to certain flavours of Islam, blasphemy, bakers across Tehran are refusing to sell danish pastries and are, instead, selling "Roses of the Prophet Mohammed".

Okay, so you can't draw Mohammed, but it's fine to prostitute his name for the purpose of selling bakery items. Gotcha.

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