Superbowl XL: fulltime

Halftime show:

I'd guess that the controversy over Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" in Superbowl 38 reached even England, so it comes as no surprise that they played safe for 39, bringing in Paul McCartney, and this year we had The Rolling Stones.

No chance of a nipple slip there. Maybe a disc slip.

3rd Quarter:

Steelers 14-10 Seahawks.

This is looking bad for the Steelers.

On the commercial front, the ad of the year is the Bud Clydesdale horses commercial. Amazing.


Steelers 21-10 Seahawks.

Well, the Steelers plucked it out with an incredible trick play that put the game out of the Seahawks reach. Bill Cowher finally gets his Superbowl title and - if the rumours are true - Jerome Bettis (the Bus) retires this year winning a Superbowl in Detroit, his home town.

Emotional, heart-stopping, unbelievable.

At the presentation of the Vince Lombardi Trophy, The Bus announced that he is, indeed, retiring. What a way to go.

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