Has nobody shot the BNP yet?

Yeah, okay, I'm all for freedom of speech. I'm right behind the right to believe any crap you want. And, yes, I'm bang alongside the right to be a complete tosspot if you are such a turdbag that doing so is the only way to wring any sense and purpose from your miserable, pathetic existence.

Having said that, the news that the BNP "
said on Wednesday it would distribute leaflets showing a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad" is downright annoying. No, not that they're doing it, that typical of their stupidity, but that they were so all-fired-up, kids-on-Christmas-eve, cum-in-their-pants excited about it that they had to announce they were going to do it rather than just going ahead and - well - doing it. It's pathetic. It conjures up an image of a kid standing on a wall yelling for his friends to watch before he can jump off, while secretly hoping someone'll stop him.

Yes, kiddiewinks, that's why the BNP has no seats in the Commons. Because they're pathetic.

The title of this piece is, in retrospect, a bit silly. They are not worth the bullets.

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