Movie Weekend

Movies we rented this weekend:

Lord of War

Good movie, food for thought. Nicholas Cage at his best.

Doombreed Rating: ****1/2


Pretty much everything you'd expect. Gore, guns, The Rock. And the BFG. So it's all basically an advert for Doom 3, so what?

Doombeed Rating: ****

Christmas With The Kranks

Okay, I hated how the book ended, so what possessed me to watch the film? Funny, in places, but the moral is that sanctimonious fuckheads are always right.

Doombreed Rating: **


Not just the food service industry, this is a film for anyone who has worked in any job that involves customer service. A guy film from all angles. Brilliant.

Doombreed Rating: ****1/2

7 Seconds

Good movie that seemed to slip unnoticed through the cinemas. Enough intrigue to keep me interested, enough action to keep it exciting, enough drama to prevent bulletfest overload.

Doombreed Rating: ****

Dark Water

Not quite as gripping as the trailers made it out to be. Over a little too fast and a little too easily for me.

Doombreed Rating: ***1/2

The Interpreter

Intrigue set around the UN. I didn't see it because of the migraine and all, but Mrs Doombreed liked it.

Mrs Doombreed Rating: ****1/2

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