Superbowl XL: pregame

I'm going to be blogging whilst watching the Superbowl today, from the comfort of my couch, feasting upon the Superbowl ... er ... feast prepared by the incomparable Mrs Doombreed.

Just an aside before the game starts:

I've noticed that the one Sunday of the year, which has been overtaken by something other than church, where there is partying and drinking and fun without fictional old men in the sky, that is not challenged nor decried on a regular basis by those who would seek to "keep Sunday for the Lord" and who preach such ridiculous epithets as "Jesus is the reason for the season" at Christmas, is Superbowl Sunday.

I wonder, in my sarcastic way, whether there is some connection between this all-American love of this one date in February and the fact that the various outspoken members of the religious right are almost silent on their usual rant.

The Republican party are in power right now because they appeal to so-called "middle America", and much has been made of the fact that "blue states" (states that are solidly Democrat Party voting) have higher average IQs, levels of education, income, quality of life, etc, than "red states" (states that are solidly Republican voting), which have higher levels of illiteracy and church attendance (and I'm not going to draw any conclusion whatsoever about those two points).

Annoying "middle America" by attacking the most American date in the most American sport would be political suicide. It seems that principles wither and die in the face of politics everywhere.

Anyway, all that aside, the game starts in an hour and a half or so, and I'm pulling for the Steelers.

And I'm especially looking forward to the real Superbowl competition - the Superbowl ad campaigns.

See you at halftime.

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