The Birthday Boy!

Yesterday was my birthday, and the celebrations ranged up and down the country.

Okay, so it went over two states.

Yep, two states. On Saturday, Mrs Doombreed took me on a little road trip up to Paul Brown Stadium (it's where the Bengals play).

The Bengals were having a "mini camp open day", which means that we got to go in and look around the stadium, watch the players train and run drills, and - if you wanted - pick out and test which seat you wanted for your season ticket.

We got to see the various players - though Carson Palmer wasn't there - put through their paces. We got to see "Who Dey", the team's mascot, and a couple of the Ben-Gals, the team cheerleaders.

We had good hotdogs and bad pizza, caught some rays because it was bloody hot, and had a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Then, on Sunday, we went to Mrs Doombreed's parent's house.

I could never become a stand-up comedian, because I have absolutely no "bad in-laws" stories. My in-laws - Mrs Doombreed's family - are wonderful. Mrs Doombreed's mother is nice, generous, caring, and a great cook. Mrs Doombreed's father the personification of the term "a great bloke". Heck, all of her family are great. And thanks to them, I now have completed my collection of Star Trek Collector's Edition Movie DVDs. Sweet.

(Yes, I'm a Trekkie. So what?)

Mrs Doombreed's mother also made the most delicious dinner, and a cake to follow.

I've said it before, and I'll no doubt have cause to say it again, but marrying Mrs Doombreed was the smartest thing I've ever done. I'm the luckiest man in the world.

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KC said...

Sounds like you had fun. Happy Birthday. :)