The Omen

I hate so-called "reimagination" movies. Hate them. Loathe them. If there's a classic movie, beloved by millions, nothing good can come from some idiot being arrogant enough to believe they can improve on it with a "reimagined" storyline. See exhibit A: the 2001 remake of Planet Of The Apes for details.

Which is why I approached The Omen with some trepidation. Would it, I wondered, be a faithful reproduction of the original? Or would it be some pillock's "reimagined" version of the movie that should never have left the studio?

I'm pleased to say it was the former. There are some changes, certain scenes get a slight twist, and, of course, the special effects - rare though they are - are updated. But it's an almost 100% faithful update to the classic horror movie. The changes are forgivable because all they do is bring the movie in line with current events.

Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick manages the seemingly unassailable task of being even more creepy than the original Damien, Pete Postlethwaite is, as ever, outstanding, Leiv Schreiber steps into Gregory Peck's shoes with a convincing performance as Robert, and Julia Stiles very nearly outshines them all as Katherine.

Worth watching.

Doombreed rating: ****

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