The Breakup

Well, The Breakup started well. Very well. The opening thirty minutes or so were hilarious. And then it degenerated into a long, painful tirade against men in general.

Every problem in the relationship is Gary's (Vince Vaughn) fault. Brooke (Jennnfier Aniston) is the poor, put-upon innocent bravely battling against typical male chauvinism, laziness, slobbiness, and just plain, annoying maleness.

The Breakup was just a condensed version of the whole Ross-Rachel painful breakup from Friends.

However, if nothing else, the movie does provide some advice on the stupidity of both parties getting advice from stupid friends about intricate plots to make the other jealous. Seriously, it never works.

A reasonable movie, with some really funny bits, but overall, not outstanding.

Doombreed rating: ***

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Simon said...

I'll wait for the DVD. Or maybe I won't bother.