Germany 2006 Day 18

Australia are out, which is a real shame. I would have loved to see the Aussies go further. Italy hit one home despite being down to ten men, which is quite impressive in anyone's book.

And red cards are just flowing out of this tournament.

Switzerland got a lesson in just how annoying penalty shootouts are. This is the first time any team's been down to panalties in this World Cup, but I doubt it'll be the last.

Italy go on to play Ukraine on the 30th.

Tomorrow brings Brazil vs Ghana, and Spain vs France. You've got to favour Brazil and Spain to go through.

Ukraine and Ghana are the only World Cup virgins left in the tournament, and Ukraine are already through to the quarter-finals. It's be great if Ghana could join them.

All they need do is get through Brazil.

Yeah, because that should be a piece of cake.


Simon said...

I think France might nick a result against Spain.

3vil g3nius said...

And they did. I thought they're gonna be out of the tournament since they weren't very impressive in previous matches.
Now that the Aussies are out, I'm gonna be backing up England. They're a fine team! They haven't got as many yellow cards as say Portugal.

Doombreed said...

Yes, but then FIFA doesn't have as many yellow cards as the Portugese...

Simon said...


Man, I shudda put a bet on it!