Germany 2006 Day 19

Well, Simon was right. France did, indeed, send Spain out of the World Cup. I started watching when it was 1-1, and it looked like it was going to extra time. But then suddenly France smashed two home in quick succession, and the rotund female was belting out an aria at full volume.

In other news, the world of football was stunned when Brazil won again.

What's worrying me is that England's route to the final lays through Brazil, unless France can beat them first.

Brazil vs France, 1st July.

No games tomorrow, so I predict a series of no-score draws.


Simon said...

Zidane seemed to come to life - not good news for Brazil. And France are the only team to have beaten them in recent world cups. Brazil could be inspired by revenge, but France will get confidence from the many players who were in the team that beat them.

Again, I think France might edge this one. But whoever gets through, England have more players at the peak of their careers than either side.

Beating Portugal will be tough. But if we do, I think we'll make the final.

There you go. Get your bets on now!

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