Germany 2006 Day 17

England beat Ecuador and Portugal beat Holland, so now England faces Portugal in the quarter-finals.

First, the England game was weak. It lacked style, oomph, verve, whatever. Again, it was typical English football, where an ugly win is still a win. The Beckham goal was a delight, and Ecuador were extremely unfortunate not to score from one of their several shots on goal.

And now...

Okay, Portugal vs Holland was a complete bastardfest. Four players sent off (stat alert - this breaks the all-time World Cup record), sixteen yellow cards (stat alert - this ties the all-time World Cup record), fouls every thirty seconds, retaliation, fights. Both teams wanted this real bad.

England against Portugal looks like it'll be a good match, if England can actually show up this time.

The way we played today may cut it against Ecuador, but against the likes of Germany or Brazil, we'd get thrashed.

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