Judge in intelligent-design case still fighting

KRT Wire:"He rattled off a string of incidents that occurred last year: The murder of a Chicago judge's husband and mother by a disgruntled litigant. The oral attacks - led by congressional Republicans - against a Florida judge who ruled that Terri Schiavo could be removed from her feeding tube. Conservative commentator Ann Coulter's suggestion that U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens should be given 'rat poison' for voting to uphold Roe v. Wade. (Coulter later added it was only a joke.)

And an e-mail death threat that Jones received shortly after the Dover ruling caused him to seek U.S. Marshal's Service protection for the first time.

'Judges are really unnerved by this,' Jones said. 'My wife couldn't walk the dog without a marshal walking beside her in the days after the case was decided.'

He wants to remind audiences, he said, that the judicial branch was not designed to react to public opinion as the executive and legislative branches were.

'If a poll shows a majority of Americans think we should teach creationism in schools, we should just go with the flow?' he asked. 'There's this messy thing called the Constitution we have to deal with.'"

Death threats? Isn't this supposed to be the "turn the other cheek" good guys we're talking about?

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