Ooooh.. bad timing..

Okay, if God really exists, he must hate US President George W. Bush.

Imagine. You're the President. Your approval rating just dipped below 30%. You're presiding over the worst war - and the most unpopular war - since Vietnam. Gas prices are rising. Jobs are leaving for other countries with less restrictive labour laws. The world thinks you are the greatest threat to world peace, period. And, as if that wasn't enough, about the only friend you have left on the international stage is a grinning twat like Tony Blair.

Oh, but even that's not enough.

You try, as is standard political procedure, to manufacture an issue to take the heat off. You pick on illegal immigrants. I mean, they're illegal immigrants, right? Who could possibly support them? And you send 6,000 US National Guard troops to help police the border. They're there to protect America, right? So, have them protect America.

And you go down to do an "I'm an ordinary guy who is as concerned about the future of this country as all you voters" interview somewhere along the US-Mexico border. People love that stuff. They just lap up that whole "ordinary joe" line.

And just as you're hitting your stride, this happens.

Fer cryin' out loud, Lord.. Gimme a break will ya?

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